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Society for Risk Analysis

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The Society for Risk Analysis (SRA) is a global organization with a diverse membership of academics, consultants and government agencies from many different disciplines who study wide-ranging topics. Following an external audit, BVC was hired to create and execute a comprehensive and cohesive communication strategy .

We centralized and refocused the communications approach to deliver new content on a regular basis. By developing a creative content strategy and new promotions for events, BVC increased the member satisfaction and engagement. BVC also secured press coverage for risk science research including mentions in BBC, USA Today, Forbes, Telegraph, Guardian, NY Post, NY Times, VICE, EE News, Politico, CBC and many others.

 “It has been a pleasure working with Big Voice Communications is responsive, adaptable and quick to meet the evolving needs of our diverse international community. Strategically, they've added value by being proactive and developing fresh ideas to engage our members. They have recreated and streamlined all of our member communications which have helped us reach and exceed all of our goals. We consider BVC not simply a vendor, but a true strategic partner."  


-Robyn Wilson, PhD, past president, SRA

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