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Culture Marketing Council (formerly AHAA): The Voice of Hispanic Marketing

American Dental Hygienists Association 

The Culture Marketing Council (CMC) turned to our expertise to help grow the industry by developing and driving B2B communication across corporate America and among other purchasers of advertising. The organization wanted to put the industry on the map and ensure each member could get a larger share of the market.


BVC has been able to spread awareness of Hispanic and multicultural advertising through aggressive general message development, sending specialized messages for various vertical segments and strong daily proactive outreach to national press. We have developed  numerous industry research studies and industry-wide “case studies” to educate the market and our B2B audiences, developing a definitive guide for the industry that has more than 25,000 downloads per year, and leveraging reactive PR to keep CMC’s voice in all aspects of advertising on a national level.


Our marketing efforts have yielded positive results, with a real shift in the overall advertising landscape. Multicultural agencies are often taking the lead and in many cases and advertising budgets growing in many industries. Through our efforts, we’ve secured millions of media impressions across trade and general press on most of CMC’s studies and activities. In addition, the CMC Board of Directors credit BVC directly with building their industry from under $1 billion in 1998 to $20 billion+ today.

The American Dental Hygienists’ Association (ADHA) wanted to retool its marketing.  For three years, our team was integrated with and led ADHA’s internal marketing team to create a comprehensive approach to its marketing and membership efforts.

BVC was able to successfully integrate all marketing and communications activities across the organization while changing the overall tone of the organization. By working with the education and meetings teams, we were able to successfully reposition ADHA’s Annual Conference and create special promotions including the launch of several new webinar series and the rebranding of Access Magazine and the Journal of Dental Hygiene. In addition, we developed a comprehensive membership campaign, targeting renewals, retention and recruitment, including special efforts for students and new professionals. Through the strategic use of social media, we were able to maximize reach and engagement on each channel with multiple campaigns targeting students, members and the profession. We also elevated ADHA’s social reach through the launch of a social media ambassador program.  We gained media coverage through traditional media, helping pitch and manage corporate sponsors for different campaigns and collaborations, including Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and American Academy of Pediatrics, with CDC featuring our efforts in their national partner campaign.

Our rebranding efforts led to Annual Conference audience gains and a successful conference turnout. Our membership campaign led to an improved renewal rate and an increase in our student-to-professional conversions, surpassing budget projections for recruiting new members. Our webinar series launch was successful with more than 12,000 live participants across eight webinars, and the Access Magazine and Journal of Dental Hygiene rebrand increased journal page reviews up to 32 percent and magazine page views up to 64 percent. Our activations, including the National Dental Hygiene Month (NDHM) campaign were successful, generating more than 1.5 million social media impressions for NDHM alone. The ADHA Squad launch brought on 500 participants, amplifying ADHA’s social presence.  We successfully improved ADHA’s social media presence, increasing our engagement rates and far exceeding industry averages.


Miss Kendra Program

Miss Kendra Program is a Connecticut-based start-up that addresses trauma in schools and organizations through their innovative programs. The Miss Kendra Program turned to BVC to help them expand their programs and reach from Connecticut to across the United States.

BVC started the process of taking Miss Kendra Programs national by developing and updating the company brand. Once the rebranding process was completed, BVC began pitching the programs to local and national media, created a Twitter account to increase presence and began outreach via letters to relevant key leaders, school faculty, etc.

BVC’s efforts have effectively helped Miss Kendra Programs expand the program into New Hampshire, North Carolina, Minnesota, Washington, Virginia, New York and Michigan with interest from additional states. In addition, we’ve successfully rebranded the program, advised the team on branding guidelines, created key collateral and messaging for marketing. BVC is continuing to help Miss Kendra Programs increase their presence and improve their processes and internal protocols as they grow.


American Epilepsy Society (AES) did not have a communications/marketing person on the team and wanted to expand its presence in the media. They also wanted to improve their member communications, social media presence and event marketing.

BVC created a comprehensive multi-channel marketing plan for the organization, including consistent outreach and interview coordination with national and trade media, a marketing plan for AES’s Annual Meeting and creating and distributing member newsletters and emails. BVC managed AES’s social media presence and promoted society events such as webinars, elections, job boards and abstract submissions. We developed press processes and reviewed more than 1,500 scientific abstracts to find hot topics to feature in the Annual Meeting press room and provided communication to state and federal regulatory bodies on core issues. In addition, we conducted interviews with AES spokespeople to reiterate core messaging and demonstrate thought leadership and served as an AES representative to help build more than 25 epilepsy-focused organizations including CDC and NIH.

BVC’s campaign established AES as a thought leader in the scientific community on all key issues related to epilepsy treatment and research. Through AES’s bi-monthly newsletter and BVC’s press outreach and emails we were able to gain new members and put AES at the forefront in national and trade publications including TIME Magazine, The Washington Post, CNN and more. AES’s Annual Meeting set new attendance records year after year and is now recognized as one of the leading scientific events in the U.S.

American Epilepsy Society

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